Our story so far.

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The place for Astro Lovers

The Story of Space Artsy*

We started Space Artsy* because we are living in our universe.

Research the art. Seeing more. Embracing every art moment life throws our way. Filling our lives … not our feeds. More beautiful art moments in our universe.

When the Scientist met the Artist.

We started in 2018 on Kickstarter, making art in science…now we do more than that. We sell the artsy, not just a product, because we love our universe, our space.

The Studio, we start from 2019

We built the Space Artsy* Studio. Its ethos is a place you can think, create, and collaborate. Our place of work has grown into a community meeting spot.

Our Honorary Partner.

We have our honorary partner, Sarah Booth. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, living and working in London and the United State. She has won the RIBA award with stand-alone artwork. Now she is focusing on the Nebulartsy artwork research and production.

A Community Of Creatives.

We are a community of creatives - artists, scientists, designers, and engineers - who believe the universe is a better place when you get lost. We love the joy that space art brings to our lives and we want to make people be peaceful a little bit more every day. Many of us started as customers before joining the team. You should do the same.

We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated, and hardworking people to join us.